Corporate Conversations

To underline the importance of making children curious about Earth, its systems and processes, the natural world and wildlife given that they will inherit the planet as adults, it is imperative to start a process - in line with the letter and spirit of applied sciences - that will organically and mentally engage them.

  • This mobile app, certified as 3+ by both Google and Apple, is also ad free to ensure a distraction free learning experience for the audience in question.
  • Addressing parents is of particular importance because while parents and children influence each other, ushering children in the right direction is a key parental deliverable.
  • To build the movement and its momentum, we are engaging with the target audience through speaking sessions which are absolutely essential to sensitize and reinforce the need to protect and nurture our only home - Earth - by getting our children prepared to manage an increasingly challenging planet.
  • The current pedagogy and syllabus structure make it difficult to deliver the subject called Earth in a manner that enables retention of the knowledge.
  • Through the sessions, we will demonstrate why this app is such a handy tool for this journey and why subscribing to it is akin to a spiritual and smart investment alike.
  • The development of such a consciousness will lead to innovation in developing solutions for mitigating the challenges and for arresting further damage to the planet.

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