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It is an excellent app as far as the thumbnail titles go and the info under thumbnails and you'll are still in your infancy so more data will keep getting added. The data given under each question is excellent and a compelling read and data one may not readily get unless they spend an hour researching online. It also encourages reading in an age where scrolling is preferred.

Sumesh Lekhi – Eminent Wildlife Filmmaker

App is really good, and the information is very rich. Happy to be a member of it.

Vasudev Nayak, VP – Strategic IT Management | Technology Operations

Very nice App. Easy to navigate and good information. Will spread the word.

Kumkum Dasgupta - Associate Editor, Hindustan Times | Experienced Journalist | Editor | News Feature Writer | Newsroom Manage

The information looks useful. 

Samir Kumar Sinha, Head of Conservation at Wildlife Trust of India

The Children For Environment application is a stepping stone for kids to learn about our planet, its ecosystem, and intriguing wildlife. The information is easy to grasp, and features such as 'Fast Facts' amplify the overall experience. The app's interface lets users navigate through the content efficiently. The application has the potential to assist parents in motivating their children to read about the environment.

Mongabay India

Congratulations! I just downloaded the app and it looks so pro. Loved the design, the pics and the overall intuitive layout. I have signed up...download and subscribed. Thanks for this wonderful initiative to get kids closer to the beautiful nature and the ecology around. All the very best for your new gig.

Tanuka Bairagi - Senior HR Professional

Recently, I had a very engaging conversation with the Children For Environment Founders which gave me an opportunity to not only see the wonderful app that they have built for children and schools but also understand the vision and inspiration that led to its creation. As a core conservation professional, I noticed the gap that they are trying to fill and cannot agree more with their views. The beauty of the app is in its simple yet attractive and logical layout, the depth and width of the content which is in the spirit of applied sciences covering very interesting facts and concepts about Earth, its systems and processes, the natural world and wildlife. The infographics are brilliant and easy for any age group to consume. A great thing they have done is in keeping the app totally ad free and devoid of clutter. Its available both in the Play Store and App Store. Highly recommended.

Purnima Dev Burman, Founder, Hargila Foundation

Very nice app.

Shrinivas Shikaripurkar, Member, CII - Sustainability Panel

I really like the layout/ design and the content so far is very informative. The app works beautifully for a child or adult 'exploring' the subjects and creatures.

Debbie Haynes, WildlifeSOS

The app is a great one.

Dr. Geetha Plackal, Marine Biologist, Ocean advocate, Director @World Alliance for Planetary Health, Climate Reality Leader

Thank you so much for sparing your valuable time and sharing your immense knowledge with our students. You were a big hit with them and I’m sure that they will be looking forward to more sessions with you. We look forward to hosting you again at our school.

Deeksha Kalyani – Director, The Kalyani School

Very timely and pertinent digital intervention for making children and parents alike more tuned to the mechanisms of the planet - an aspect that has been unwittingly ignored for a significant period of time.

Kaushik Chakraborty, Chief People Officer, Savills

A mobile application that is perfect for my little daughter whose love for nature is very visible. This app is elevating her knowledge and curiosity up by many notches.

Amnik Talwar, Senior Banker, First Abu Dhabi Bank